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Italian Food Basket
Why give a Gift Basket ? We always have a gift to idea to come up with right ? A bridal Shower, A couple gift, Christmas, Birthdays , Graduations and lets face it sometimes its a bit hard to be creative yet personal and we all love surprises right? Thats part of the fun part of giving and receiving a gift. 

I look at Gift Baskets as the Scavenger Hunt of Gifts you can oohhh and aww and just look and touch and read all that's in your gift basket . Its like almost getting 5 , 10 , 15 gifts in one gift . 

I love that you can do a themed gift basket for new mothers, couples , Housewarming, Engagement, Vacation, Halloween, New Job ,  Easter... It's almost like an adult Easter Basket. Who does not absolutely love that.
The possibilities are endless ... literally. 
So, do you have a pasta loving, Olive Garden type of loved one or friend in your life? Why not make an Italian Gift basket, filled with all things for the makings of an Italian meal. You can do it in a basket or what about a wire pasta strainer? How precious would that be?   Let's do it! Let's make one!
Italian Food Basket
Cooks Dream Italian Gift
Amazon Pasta Strainer
Gormet Pasta Sauces
Assorted Gormet Pastas
Gormet Olive Oil
Gormet Artichoke Bruschella
Best of ICheese Assortment
Large Gift Basket
Celophane for Gift Baskets
Assorted Italian Salami
Italian Assorted Crackers
Halloween Basket Babies

What do you do when you have children that can trick or treat and a baby that is cute to dress up but can't have Halloween treats. You make them a gift basket a Halloween basket of their very own. My girls were spread out in age so I was always making one of them a baby basket so they weren't feeling left out and could join in on the fun as well. Below I have put together a list of ideas for a baby or toddler Halloween basket. 

Personalized Pumpkin Basket

Halloween Teething Rings 

Halloween Book 

Halloween Pumpkin Teether

Halloween Wrist Rattles

Halloween Onsie

Halloween Rubber Duckies 

Halloween Plushie Gift Set 

Halloween Wooden Puzzle Set 

Tips for Trick or treating with a baby. 

1. Always take baby with a full stomach if possible 

2. Remember you will have to possibly carry them at some point so make sure their costume supports that. 

3. Make sure their costume has no small pieces that they could remove. 

4. If you have a toddler that can run a bit faster than you consider applying reflective tape to their costume. 

5. Remember to carry a flashlight or have your significant other light your pathways for you. 

6. Be prepared for extra diaper changes, a bit of spit up or if its a toddler maybe a potty accident. Remember it's a exciting night for them. 

7. Be flexible in your time for a outing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for younger children. Don't be disappointed if you need to head home early. 

Amazon Halloween Kids
Amazon Personalized Halloween Bag
How to make a Halloween gift Basket for Babies and Toddlers
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