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Tuesday on The Equator

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I hope everyone has had an amazing Tuesday. ! Emi had dance class today so most of my day was spent picking Emi up at school and taking her to dance class. I do enjoy my Tuesday and Thursday half days with her. We always go for lunch together and sometimes I go to watch and sometimes I do some grocery shopping while she's in Dance. I don't know if anyone is aware of the current political situation in Ecuador right now but tense and extreme would be two fair words. Numerous murders of the mayors of numerous cities in the country and last week one of the President Canidates was shot three times in the head. There was a state of Exception for 60 days until the elections on Sunday are over. Which basically meant more police presence, and everyone needs to be home and not traveling or out and about. past ten o'clock at night. Recently a child of a politician was kidnapped in quito and thankfully they were just left abandoned and unharmed but due to the shenanigans going on right now Emi's school is being cautious. I have to sign her out with security and the doors aren't opened anymore for children to randomly leave. Surprisingly not many extranjeros here follow the local news. One reason being is they don't learn Spanish. Emi and I follow the news here every day as well as International News. So, we are aware of the status and what is going on in the country. We are being cautious. Our part of the World is pretty sleepy and quiet, but we are more aware and cautious of what is going on around us now. Know that if you make a foreign country your home. You may speak Spanish perfectly, but you look different, you could be a target and you need to be aware of this and not put yourself in a situation where that could happen. So, while we are busy living our best life, we are aware, and we will be anxiously waiting for the election results next week. If you go to my travel page, I'm going to post some ideas to stay safe in a Foreign Country while traveling or any country. even your home country.


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