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People Watching

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Do you ever just watch the interactions of other people. How they love, how they have fun, how they interact with others? Jose and I love spending time downtown watching the sun go down and just basically being together. I have learned a lot about living life with these trips around the sun. I think I love more deeply, but I'm cautious about who and how I give that love. In my earlier years I just about had to be kicked out of every relationship that I had that really wasn't for me. Deep in my heart I knew it wasn't for me but the over achiever that I am I could not let it go. I would just keep trying, digging in my position that I could make any relationship amazing, and the truth is ... you can't ... You can't make a person that is not for you for you. You can't change personalities, toxic habits. I'm still an overachiever in some areas but trying to make people my tribe that aren't my tribe is not one of them anymore. I have more of a sense of peace about it and I don't feel the need to do the over achiever things that I do ... call people that don't call me, reach out when they don't to me. I simply accept these are not my tribe. So here we are another beautiful Monday morning will the opportunity and ability to love those that can give and show love back. Sunday morning my daughter was downstairs making me breakfast because she loves me. Emi constantly amazes me. She can be hard, an accumulation of the path that we have traveled down together but she hasn't let it rob her of her sweetness. She like me is choosy about who she loves, and she has her clear boundaries and if you want her in your life ... well then you better not cross them. Sometimes she has a mouth like a sailor, but she can say and write the sweetest words as well and have a heart as soft as a rose petal. She loves all things furry, and she never stops trying to rescue and show a bit of love. Heres to another Monday a day for

endless possibilities, and opportunities to love and nurture the ones that love us and live life to the fullest beach style.


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