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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

What is Peace, if you look up the definition of Peace it may say something like .. Peace is a state of tranquility, or calm, free from the stressors of other people, or events of the outside world. I think as a person in general we all at one time in our life have experienced an anxiety-laden part of our life where there was no peace and that is a horrible state to live in. Sometimes other people or relationships cause it, sometimes it's our own fears and insecurities. In Ecuador, I have had some life events that have caused me to struggle with my inner peace. Mostly brought upon me by other people. We don't control other people what we do control is how we choose to let another person control our emotions or energies. We all think we aren't doing enough, aren't giving enough, aren't good enough. The truth is .. we are all those things. Ships don't sink because of the water around them, they sink because we allow what is around us to get inside us. A number of things happen when you are experiencing this, you don't sleep, anxiety, fear, and worry won't let you, you skip meals, so your physical health suffers, you don't exercise and take care of the body that God gave you. So, you are not only mentally suffering but you start to physically suffer as well. You forget to look around you see all that you are blessed with, you can't see those things in that moment. You pretty much don't see anything only what is inside consuming you. The truth is we are all going to die. All we have are the moments that we have here on Earth so how you choose to spend those moments is important. You have to make the decision if you want to spend them stressed, and worrying or if you want to live in Peace, enjoy all your moments, and build a life that you love in all its imperfections. As I was walking on the beach yesterday, I happened upon this lady. I thought about the scene before me. She was prepared. She had a hat for protection from the brutal Ecuador Sun. She had a shawl for the same reason. She had a comfortable chair to not let all the sand consume her as she sat down. She was prepared to not let all that sand enter her space and take some of the joy out of her day. She had a book to occupy and expand her mind. She had picked a spot with a beautiful peaceful view, where one might enjoy the view of the whales or dolphins, the sea birds having a bit of fish. She had brought cold drinks and some food for her body. She was alone and you could feel the happiness and contentment in her solitude. She was enjoying her moments, and she came prepared to enjoy all her moments. So as everyone goes about their Thursday routines today, take a bit of time to reflect on your inner peace, your mental health, what brings you happiness today, and be in that moment. Don't let other people or things in life take that from you. Find your happy place and live in it.


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