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Party Night and Birthdays

My first birthday party was around the age of 38 . It was a surprise birthday party that a friend did for me when I was going to massage school. I was quite overwhelmed with emotion with the thoughtfulness of this act of kindness. I actually always dreaded my birthday as usually it was not acknowledged growing up so here in Ecuador as an adult my husband and I try to acknowledge and celebrate everyone's birthday. I mean it's another trip around the sun why is that not an amazing thing to celebrate? My husband's birthday was Wednesday, and our friend Roy's was the previous Saturday so why not celebrate both with a bit of barbeque, a lot of cake and a lot of fun? Wednesday Night is our normal party night so why not have a barbecue? If you want to head over to my homelife section, I will

share a recipe for my Jalapeno Mexican Pasta Salad. I got a little happy with the Jalapenos, but all loved it! If you are making salad for a crowd that's the way to go. Here's to life, love and another trip around the sun and friends who are family .


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