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One of the Amazing Things About Ecuador

Is .... its Socialized Medicine, easy access to Medical Care in the hospitals that is affordable, and easy access to affordable medicine in the pharmacy. Ecuador has numerous pharmacies on every corner. Our little section of this fishing village alone has about 7 and it's easy to go downtown to buy an antibiotic if you need one, allergy medicine, pain medicine and you don't really need a prescription. Coming from the United States where medicine is very expensive and requires an equally expensive doctor's appointment to have any access to medicine has been somewhat of a welcome relief here. Although having easy access is a good thing it also allows one to play at being a doctor when you aren't exactly a doctor. especially when you are completely doctor-avoidant like me. There are a lot of negativities associated with the idea of Socialized medicine, but I can tell you that if you previously came from a country where health care is not affordable it's a great thing to have access to doctors and medicine that doesn't bankrupt you. Luckily my family is pretty healthy we try natural healthcare whenever we can. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables which are abundantly available here in Ecuador and since there is a butcher on every corner as well usually, we buy our meat fresh from them. We do not eat any processed food. We eat a lot of fresh-caught fish as well and when I say fresh-caught I mean ... it was swimming an hour or so ago. One of my favorite things to do is go for a walk and watch the fish come in and then go pick out what I want and have them clean, and filet it for me. Then off I go with my freshly caught fish in my backpack headed for home. I like buying my vegetables fresh as well so sometimes I will come home completely loaded with vegetables and fish. I tell my husband that I think in a past life I must have been some kind of pack animal because I usually go telling myself I'm not going to walk home like that again and here I am ... I do it every time. Our peanut butter comes in a bag and is freshly ground at the market while you watch from just peanuts .. no added oils or sugar. If you want to learn about our use of essential oils for our health care head over to our home Life Page. I will be posting about how we have incorporated this into a healthier lifestyle of Fresh, Clean eating food, less or no processed foods, for a better much improved healthy lifestyle .


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