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Life in Ecuador

Jose and I have had quite a busy week this week, we have embarked on a new adventure of selling real estate as well as property management so to say that we have been busy this week is quite an understatement. Last night was our Party Night we did a Chili Night, three different kinds of chili. Everything from White Chili to Chili Con Carne to Wow that's really hot chili... everyone was feeling the burn. I have streamlined our party nights into a easy to get a ready affair. I do everything in melamine, so nothing is thrown away, no plates, no cups, and no silverware, I wash it and reuse it, everything is reusable down to the wine glasses. Its all kept outside in a big tub after its washed so getting ready for the next Wednesday is a easy process. Everyone loves our weekly get-together and we have been known to do a food delivery or two to some people that are in need of a bit of love. That's what life is all about right? Giving love. When you leave this world, you don't really take anything with you, all anyone will remember about you is the love that you gave away. To say that we enjoy every day here is an understatement each day is a gift. Like opening the most beautiful present that one could get. Lots of family time, friend time, and all the in-between. Jose and I work hard but we play pretty hard too. Head over to the recipes section for some Chili Recipes, and the home section for our Melamine, silverware, wine glasses and more ideas to make your next party simple and easy. Life is too short not to eat the cake, not to have the party and definitely to short not to enjoy your time that chose to be a part of the circle that is friends and family.


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