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Hawiian Night

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Our family came home from a visit to Beliz so that's call for a bit of a celebration, right? A night of celebration for friends and a bit of time with the ones that have become our family. We are in our Winter here in Ecuador, but it is still sooo hot. The only real difference in our Seasons here is we have none. The temperature is basically the same every day the only real difference that we have in climate is rainy season which is our Summer and Winter which is dry season which is now. It seems like we eat a lot of birthday cake around here because we have quite a few friends and someone always has a birthday. Our friend Julie was visiting from Canada last night. She just came in Tuesday for a month, so it was a bit of a late birthday celebration for her. It is customary here that when everyone sings Happy Birthday to you at the end of the song you take a bite out of your cake and it's also customary for someone to push your face down into it. I think she was a bit taken back so I had to tell her its ok it's not rude here, it's a sign of love! She did slap a bit of it in our friend's eye though. Welcome to Birthdays Ecuador Style. We did a easy Hawiian theme with a Hawiian barbeque pork sandwich and all the extras. I will be posting the recipe over in my recipe section as well as some ideas for outdoor parties.


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