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Halloween and the lack of in Ecuador

One of my Favorite Fall Holidays is Halloween. I was somewhat surprised when we came to Ecuador and Halloween was not celebrated. No trick or treating ... nada ... I used to laugh and say that the vast age difference between my children was to ensure that I could always go trick or treating, go to the pumpkin patch, the apple patch, Santa Clause would always visit the house and I could always be the Easter Bunny when I couldn't do any of those things anymore it assuredly was time to die. I have a lot of wonderful memories of doing these things with my children. Easter Baskets, Elf on a Shelf, pumpkin patching, Apple Orchard Memories and especially Trick or treating. I treasure those memories. So, Emi and I were really shocked to learn that it did not exist here. What kind of place is this anyway!!! So, we did what any reasonable person would do. We had to make and bring our own Halloween to Ecuador . This is how the yearly Halloween party came to be. Since there aren't any costumes, well we learned to make our own , get creative with themes, try our culinary skills at scary, Halloween food, and since it's not celebrated ... no decorations, so we learned to get pretty creative with those too. I have posted in my Homelife section some the cutest Halloween wreaths ever. That will have you Halloween ready and keep watching my recipes section I will be posting some of our past Halloween Party Food ideas as well as some fun party ideas. Happy Halloween from the Equator . #Fallideas #itssoohot , #expatslife, #travelecuador


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