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Fishing Life and Ecuador

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

One of the amazing things about living in Ecuador is having the opportunity to experience a part of the International Fishing Industry. I grew up in Kentucky so my limited experience with fishing was just a fishing pole and a pond and freshwater fish. Fishing here in Ecuador is huge. Although Ecuador is a country with vast natural resources. Commercial Fishing plays a vital role in the economic health of the Country. Not only does Ecuador export a large number of fish. It also is a staple of food for the people in Ecuador. In 2020 Ecuador exported around 167,899 metric tons of fish to other countries. Valued at $1011,188,022 in United States dollars. This is estimated to represent 1.02 Percent of Ecuador's GDP. Exports in Tuna, Shrimp, and other valuable fish species.

Although an incredible natural resource for Ecuador it is not without its challenges.

* Overfishing with the increased demand for more and more seafood domestically and internationally has put immense pressure on Ecuador's marine resources. Without adequate management Ecuador's waters have become overfished. Not only does this affect the fish supply but the balance of marine life.

* Illegal Fishing Vessels in Ecuador's waters, vessels operating without a license, fishing in restricted, protected areas, and using methods that are unsustainable to Ecuador's ecosystem and wildlife. China is notorious for this. Every year they have boats seized and face stiff penalties; they especially love fishing in the protected waters of the Galapagos Islands. A protected area, rich in fish and other marine species. Another problem is Labor Issues The life of a fisherman is not an easy one. The fish are moving farther into the ocean forcing fishermen to travel farther. Drug trafficking, Pirates, Rough Seas, and being away from home for months at a time tends to take a toll on the family life of the fisherman. Many do not have a choice; work is scarce in Ecuador, and one must do what is necessary to support their family. Ecuador is working on more Control Measures for fishing its waters with the demand for seafood only rising domestically and internationally they face some pretty big challenges.


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