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Feeling Tropical? Making a Tropical Vibe

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

One of the most amazing things about my husband is he's a man of action. He doesn't do the gushy words, but he does do the sweet loving gestures. We were on a road trip to Conoa one weekend and were having lunch at Bambu Hotel one of my favorite places. They have the most beautiful tropical ramadas where you can just sit and enjoy your lunch , the vibe is just laid-back tropical, if you go at night, they have lots of lights for ambiance and its beautiful on a entirely different level . , my husband seeing how I loved this says I'm going to make you one and he is a man of his word he absolutely did. It was actually his first attempt, and he did it beautifully. He started out by buying a large bamboo post for our base post and then cut the spot in our brick. Then he cut the remaining posts down the middle and from there started cutting them in long strips which he later used for the umbrella portion of our Ramada. He did this with a machete by the way. Ecuadorians all know how to use a machete. My skill level with this is very very low. I like to say it keeps me humble! He treated it for bugs by brushing on Deisel fuel. Then he started cutting and layering the bamboo structure by tying it in with string until he had reached the top. Then the fun began. We wanted the grass on top to be Toquia if you didn't know this is the same material used in the Panama hat, so we sat out on an adventure to find it. It is a bit hard to find as it is readily available more in the mountains and we are on the coast, so we visited, talked, and finally happened upon a family that made Panama hats, had a brief visit, learned some more vital information and actually happened upon it by accident one weekend. There is quite a process for drying it so we came back the next week for it and the rest is history my Ramada was finished. It's our favorite place for morning coffee, lunch, and sometimes sunset dinner.


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