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Ecuador, Party Life and a Hangover Cure

If you have ever Spent any time in South America then you know South Americans love a good party, and every weekend they usually party hard. It's a way of life here. One of the things that was the hardest for me to get used to here was the concept of time ... There is none... If you are invited to a party at 7 well in reality, they aren't even ready at seven. They haven't even started cooking food, the music isn't set up and no one is party-ready, and if you do go at 7 guess what? Well, if you go at the designated time then you will be helping set up the party, cook the food and basically do anything that needs to be done. Usually, everyone shows up two to three hours after the designated time. That's when the real party starts. Usually, there is a lot of cervezaa lot of dancing

, alot of Corencho or the local knock-you-on-your-ass pure grain liquor and to make things even worse the said corencho comes in many different yummy flavors like cafe, chocolate, maracuya, and coconut so it goes down easy. With the fun comes the next day right? So, Ecuador has the most amazing tuna soup, known as the Ecuadorian Hangover Cure. It's sold every morning until well after noon in all the restaurants in town. Families can be seen bringing their soup pot to be filled to be taken home to the entire family and because it's the hangover cure it's pretty much served until after 2 or until it runs out. It's typically made with tuna, has a broth that is amazing, add some yucca and onion and cilantro and garlic and you have an amazing soup. It's usually served with Chifley's or the local fried plantain chips. The first time I heard of it I was like uoooooooo fish soup... noooooo.... but it truly is amazing so if you want to head over to the recipe section, I have included the recipe for this delightful soup.


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