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Coffee Please ?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

One of my favorite things in the United States was coffee! We had our local Coffee Shop Baxter's and they knew me very well. I would stop every morning for a large Vanilla Mocha Joe and because I really like my sugar, I would request an extra shot of Vanilla. My preferences of coffee usually changed with the seasons. In the Summer sometimes I would get a frozen coffee treat, In the Fall Pumpkin Spice all the way please! In Spring maybe, a shot of Berry in the mix and for Summer sometimes frozen, and sometimes my old standby. Here in Ecuador one of my most amazing experiences was visiting the coffee farms, picking the coffee beans fresh off of the tree and seeing and experiencing the entire drying, roasting process. It was one of the first adventures that I took Emi on here In Ecuador. Coffee farms and Coffee processing here is a huge thing but to my surprise drinking it is not. They drink ...gasp... Instant Coffee. My first thoughts when I moved to Ecuador was about all the amazing coffee, I was going to be able to try. I just expected Juan Valdez to come along any moment with a bag of amazing coffee. Now I do buy my coffee from a local farm, and I have discovered that the coffee from every region is distinctly different. I am including some of my and Emi's adventures in the coffee farm in pictures and head over to my recipe page I will be posting my favorite coffees that I make at home.


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