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Bringing New Things to Ecuador

One of the amazing things about living in Ecuador is Beach Barbeques. While it's true Ecuadorians love a barbeque, they don't exactly do it the way that we do. It's generally just grilled meat, no potato salad, no baked beans, no cole slaw or macaroni salad and there definitely are never any smores. So, when some of my friends want to get together, we get together and really do a barbeque! The only difference is we usually have a bit of seafood on the grill as well since we all live on the beach, we can pick from the fresh catch that is brought in daily. It's fun to get together and just hear everyone's stories and we all have a lifetime of stories. At this particular barbeque my friends are from Colorado, Arizona, Kentucky, and North Carolina as well as my Ecuadorian Husband so there is usually quite a bit of tale-telling going on. One of the things we usually do at the end is a bit of smore making, my Ecuadorian husband had never heard of such a thing. There is usually some good-natured debate about what makes the perfect smore. Is the marshmallow burnt with a melted inside, or lightly toasted until it's the color of coffee with cream with a firmer inside. This discussion could get as technical as to how long on each side and how to rotate said marshmallow. I can tell you this in the store of my life this .... was time well spent. Friends, family , smores


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