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Are you Blooming Where you are Planted ?

The Buddhists say that you spend half your life learning how to live life and the other half is for questioning life and living in peace with all of your life lessons. I think that we are never really finished with life lessons. People in general always have hope, faith, and belief in other people in their lives. People drop into our lives and sometimes they only stay for a short season, They drop by to share with you or teach you something that you need to learn in your personal growth, and then usually as fast as they seem to appear in life they leave and move on. Some people stay for your entire life and your relationship changes with the seasons of life, maybe at one time you were single, and the friendship evolved into marriages, children, and different life experiences for each of you, but your friendship remained through it all. You have the best of both worlds. Memories are shared, new experiences are shared, and this person grows with you. Then there are the Reasons people are the ones that come to teach us valuable life lessons. Sometimes the lesson is a pleasant experience, sometimes it's not but it was something that we needed to learn. Since moving to Ecuador, I have had some pretty hard life lessons, and experiences and I have also had some of the most beautiful experiences of my life here. I have had some of the most meaningful relationships of my life here. The really beautiful ones, the ones that support you in everything and support your growth as a person. I like to compare the human condition to a flower. It seems extremely delicate with many complicated facets. Just like plants we need to be nurtured we need food and water, but unlike plants, we need emotional care to be happy. We need to be tended to by the people that we care about. Some days we need a bit of extra tending than other days but the people that love you are up for the tending. They want you to be happy and they usually delight in the tending that they are doing. I am a big tender, a nurturer. If I love, you then I'm all about you. and what's best for you.I generally want you to have the very best of life and I always do my part. That's my job. As your friend and someone who loves you, I'm vested. I'm all in. I bring you soup when you are sick, I come to sit with you and listen when you are sad, and if you are up for fun well I can and will be ready in about ten minutes. I have a friend in Ecuador who is that person for me. I called her one day and I said, " I have an idea " She listened and ten minutes later she said "That's a terrible idea I'm in! Come get me I'll be ready in 10 minutes! Now that is friendship, right?? She's seen me at my worst and most heartbroken and she's seen me as my fun. loves life self. Friendships are easier at this point in life. It has evolved into something deeper and richer from all the life lessons we have all experienced. We have more empathy, more understanding, and more appreciation for friendships in our life and we tend to be more selective of who we let in our circle of friends. This is what I have learned.

  1. True friends and close relationships you don't have to beg, plead, or convince them that you have value. You are worthy of their time. They don't have to be reminded to call you or text you. They just will.

  2. You know that you don't have to be everything to everyone. You don't have to be extra. Your presence and friendship are more than enough, and you don't have a compensation contest. You can't compensate for someone else's lack of effort by doing more.

  3. Neither one of you has to say yes, all the time. It's perfectly acceptable to say No i don't want to I'm tired, or it's perfectly acceptable to give no reason at all. No is more than enough. No explanation is needed. You are accepted.

  4. If someone hurts you and people do, you don't have to pretend that you weren't hurt you can express it and have an adult conversation about it. It's not a relationship ender. It's a relationship enhancer. It gives a person to understand the true you and appreciate you even more.

  5. You won't have to dress or look a certain way. Your physical appearance will not matter what will matter is your heart and what you give and plant into the relationship.


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