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Amazing News !

Introducing Coastal Property Management Ecuador Jose and I are happy to announce that if you are searching for your dream home here in Ecuador, we have you covered. We are covering the Crucita, San Jacinto, San Clemente, and San Alejo areas and we are doing property management as well so if you want to plan the perfect beach vacation, beach wedding, or a bit of adventure travel we can plan your trips, organize your rental, help with your rental car and pick up from the airport. We spent most of the day today putting up signs on properties in our area for sale. Spent some time on our management projects and even squeezed in a pickup from school, a lunch, and maybe a Coconut Marqurita because life is short, and you should be enjoying everything you do, so we took a bit of time for fun. While Jose was working a bit on our frames for our signs, I got to spend a bit of time with Saori. The Gangster Bebe of Crucita. If Snoop Dogg could be Latina and a child that would be Saori. Don't think that we didn't play hard. I don't worry about things such as lunch, vegetables, and a well-balanced diet. We had ice cream, we skipped, we held hands and we played. Saori has a perfectly good mother and my job as Tia is to buy ice cream, pretty princess dresses that are impractical, and play and I take my job very seriously. So, if you are searching for beach life, some sand, and some blue water in your life check out our we



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