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Fall Sweates 2023
Best Fall Sweater Picks for 2023 
It's that time of the year one of my favorites! Its Fall, time to put away the shorts, the swimsuits and bring out the Fall Sweaters, leggings and Fall Boots. It's always so hot in Summer in Kentucky by the time Fall rolls around you are more than ready to drag out your Fall and Winer Clothes it's a welcome respite from the humidity and the heat. In Ecuador we have swimsuits, shorts, t shirts, tank tops and swimsuits. My Winter and Fall clothes are reserved for trips to the Mountains of Ecuador and yes you do need warm clothes even though we are on the Equator! Old habits die hard too I like to fix the seasonal breads and sip the Pumpkin Spice coffee here too. You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can't take the Kentucky out of the girl. Here it is a few Seasonal 2023 best Sweaters for family pumpkin patch trips, cozy mornings with coffee and all the apple picking outings.  Perfect for Fall hikes, while enjoying the beauty of the Fall colors. 

Click photos for more information!!

Perfect Fall Sweater
Perfect Fall Sweaters 2023
Amazon Fall Sweater
Amazon Sweater
Amazon Fall Sweaters
Fall Cargo Pants

I have only one thing to say about Cargo Pants ... the pockets ! What women doesn't love pockets . I think all dresses and skirts if at all possible she could with pockets. Cargo Pants are roomy in all the right places , can be dressy or casual and can be sporty all at the same time . Do I have your interest now ? Here are some amazon picks of the best cargo pants for Fall , Winter Season 2023 

Cargo Pants 

Amazon Cargo Pants
Amazon Quick Dry Cargo Pants Sport Version
Amazon High Waist Baggy Cargo Pants
Amazon Fleece Lined Cargo Pants
Fall Jackets
Best Fall Jackets 

Its that time of the year a chill is in the air. From visiting the pumpkin patch to fall hikes to fall rides . Here are some of Amazons most popular jackets for 2023 

Amazon Fall Jacket
Amazon Fall Jacket
Amazon Fall Jacket
Fall Pumpkin Pth Outfit
On of the most amazing things about Fall is going to the Pumpkin Patch. After having 4 girls it was one thing that I looked forward to every year. There is just something so fun about searching the pumpkin patch for your special, made for you one-of-a-kind Pumpkin! It's one of those things that you don't know it until you see it. Then there is the anticipation about how it will look when it's made into the perfect jack o lantern.  There is the Corn maze, the petting zoo, the pumpkin fritters, the pumpkin canon, where a large pumpkin is literally shot out of a canon. It's just fun... its lighthearted and I think I always loved it just as much as my girls did. Another fun thing when you have little girls is the outfit. It has to be just the right one. and after a bit of searching I found a few ideas on Amazon  
Amazon Fall Outfit for Girls
amazon girl Fall Dress
Amazon Fall Girl Outfit
Amazon Fall Clothing
fall Scarfs

Fall is here and Fall outfits are never complete without the perfect Fall Scarf, or  wraps . Here are some of my Favorites for Fall Season 2023. The outfit combinations are endless. These are great paired with jeans, leggings, skirts . 

Amazon Fall Scarf
Amazon Fall Sweater
Amazon Fall Scarf
Amazon Fall scarf
Girls Halloeen Costumes

It's that time of the year the one where are parents spend their time scouring the internet for our kids Halloween costumes, party favors and all things spooky and Halloweenish. It's part of the fun of Halloween, right? It's that one time of a year that anyone can be anything they want. In the case of babies, it's when we get to dress them in the most adorable Halloween costumes and do our thing and the little ones get to experience the spookiness of the season.  

Here are some tips to keep our little ones safe. The ones that are old enough for candy here are a few safety tips for candy inspection. 

1. Wait until all the kids are finished trick or treating to inspect candy so nothing gets overlooked 

2. Look for any kind of tears, holes or discoloration in candy. It could be a sign that it's been tampered with. 

3. Do not accept or ingest any homemade goodies, as sad as it is homemade cookies, candies, brownies and suckers are a no no.

4. If your children are young be on the lookout for candies with choking hazards anything with peanuts, gum, hard candies. 

5. Lastly if you are in doubt ... throw it out 

amazon Girl Halloween Outfit
Snow White Halloween Costume
amazon Raggedy Ann Halloween
Baby Girl Halloween Costume Fall Outfit
Amazon Baby Witch
Halloween Ghost Baby Costume
Amazon Elk Halloween
Baby Halloween costume
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