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About Me

I'm a Kentucky girl that moved to Ecuador in 2017 . I did what is terrifying for most people, including me ! I sold everything that I owned. A house, car, boat, horse trailer and basically walked out on a life that I knew. A  life that was comfortable and moved to a country where everything was new,  different, . Nothing was the same as my old life . The most profound moment was when everything was sold or given away  . I was on the plane and I had no keys . We all have keys right?  I had no keys, no keys to a home , no keys to my office , no car keys , How scary is that !!! Has it been incredible ?  YES ! Has it been scary at time ?  YES !  Would I do it again ? Absolutely ! These are some stories of our experiences in Ecuador , and the life that we built . When you move to a different country, I like to say your family is not your family by blood but your family finds you ,and that is exactly what happened .  Life began for us when we stepped out of our comfort zone. 


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